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by Arnie Jacobsen, Editor

Updated: September 3, 2015

Spring Break! All-right! After a long dreary winter, and spring starting to peak, its head around the corner, people want to get away from it all.

It seems that many, if not most, want to go someplace warm and tropical destinations with balmy breezes. But, this is also a perfect time for skiing.

Spring skiing destinations is hard to beat.

And, for me, Spring skiing at Squaw and Heavenly Valley is just... Well, heavenly!

We all know that March is the time for all of the spring break madness in many of the most popular spots. So keeping that in mind, we have listed some places that are a bit more sane, shall we say.

Not all great locations come readily to mind, like, as the picture above so beautifully points out, Paris. Not everybody needs to find the sun, or the snow. 

We'll list some options that we're sure will fill the bill for you no matter what your preference.

So, let's look at some vacation ideas for March 2015.

Bon Voyage, no matter your preference.

Alternative March Vacation Destinations


I readily admit to an ongoing fascination with Paris, all of France, really. But, Paris, ah.. Paris. When we go to Europe, it is a requirement that we end the trip by spending several days in the City of Lights.

It is difficult to put into words what it is about this city that draws people to return over and over again. The only way to truly understand is to visit, and not just once.  And, not by visiting the tourist spots.  Take a hint from the above photo. Slow down, relax, get to know the place.

Enjoy the café culture. Sit facing the street, linger over a "pain au chocolat", and watch as the show passes by. As you walk the streets, and around every corner, you'll come across cosy, independent cafés with awnings and umbrellas of vibrant and happy-go-lucky colors. I recently read that, "the perfect Paris experience combines leisure and liveliness". That about sums it up.

Soon you too will be saying "Je t'aime Paris."

My wife didn't get it until I convinced her to go back a second time, the following summer. Now, she is addicted too.

A March vacation in Paris will, in all likelihood, not be a dry one.  The weather pattern there is very much like the Pacific Northwest in the States. In a word, damp.

Last year, we decided to stay in the Latin Quarter, and recommend it.  Is it touristy, yes. But, that is exactly what we are, aren't we? We stay at Hotel Europe Saint Severin, and highly recommend it.  Centrally located and in the heart of so much action. Loved it.

More on Paris Hotels

Savannah, Georgia

Ooooh.... Savannah, Georgia!  If you like eccentricity and an eclectic mix of people and art, then this is a must March vacation visit for you. March is great as the temperatures are quite comfortable.

This quintessential southern town literally drips with history and charm.  Spanish moss, antebellum architecture, mix with upscale, edgy eateries and night spots to give a great mix, a great vibe.

It has been suggested that the best thing that you can do to prepare yourself for a visit, is to watch the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".  It will give you a real sense of the ambiance exuded here.

For more on Savannah.

Suggested Romantic Hotels

  • Hamilton Turner Inn -330 Abercom Street, Savannah GA 1 (912) 233-1833 - "....spectacular and quaint hotel right on the gorgeous Lafayette Square..." 
  • East Bay Inn - 225 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA (800-500-1225) -  "A beautiful room, a lovely inn and a great staff." 

Warm Weather Destinations

Caribbean Destinations

I must confess, that I if I am not going spring skiing, an island getaway in the Caribbean is just the ticket. A trip to the BVI (British Virgin Islands) and renting a sailboat is a fabulous way to spend a relaxing week or two while getting away from it all.

But, maybe sailing isn't your thing, and you prefer a posh resort with a sandy beach, and a couple of swim-up bars so you can wet your whistle.


Also, keep in mind that you are not the only one traveling at this time of year, so make sure that you book your reservations ahead so you get your first choice and won't be disappointed.

So, let's start with your ABC's for your next great warm weather March vacation.


Aruba is at the top of my list. Why? The weather is wonderful! It's warm, sunny, dry, and breezy. And, there's no monsoon season! Also, no threat of tropical storms, because the island is outside the hurricane belt. Aruba is a great place to visit, particularly if you like active sports, because of Aruba's constant trade winds.

Places to Stay in Aruba

Top Romantic Resort - Bucuti and Tara Resort

An oasis for adults on Aruba's best beach is the way Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts can be described. If you are looking for a fabulous honeymoon spot or just a romantic getaway, look no further, because this resort seems to have romance written all over it. Try out some of the following, and see if you don't agree.

Top Romantic Things to Do at Bucuti and Tara Resort (or All of Aruba)

  1. Savor a starlit romantic dinner right on the beach.
  2. Hide away in your gorgeous Bucuti and Tara room with some champagne and each other.
  3. Take a breathtaking sunset sail along Aruba's scenic coastline.
  4. Take a sunset horseback ride on the beach.
  5. Oooohh...Indulge yourself in a side-by-side couples massage.

Is that the extent of it?  Not at all.

For more details on Bucuti and Tara Resorts.

Hotel Deals in Aruba


It's hard to pick a bad time to visit Barbados, but most would agree that the December to April time frame is the optimal time to visit. Relaxing tropical breezes, gorgeous beaches, fantastic weather! What's not to love? Barbados is a great spot for a March vacation.


The best time to visit the Caymans, weather-wise, is mid-December to mid-April it's perfect for hanging out on the beach: It's usually dry, and the cooling trade winds from the northeast moderate the high temperature.

Hotel deals in the Cayman Islands

For more, visit Cayman Island Information

U.S. Destinations

Ok, Ok, Ok!  So, maybe you want to go someplace a little closer to home for your sunshine fix.  We can suggest a few of those too, and, to change up the pace for your March vacation, not have a beachy theme.

Palm Springs

Do not scoff!!  Palm Springs offers a ton of things to do to go along with its great weather.  You can find accommodation to suit, and take in as many recreational activities, outdoor adventures, world-class shopping spots, and resorts as you can stand during your March vacation.

Hotel Deals in Palm Springs

For more Palm Springs Information

Grand Canyon

This is a great time of year to visit the Grand Canyon.  No Joke!  You will have the place to yourself, except for others that might have read it here, and actually be able to enjoy your visit without tripping over hoards of people. Rafting the Colorado might be a bit on the chilly side though.

Grand Canyon Hotel Deals

For more Grand Canyon Information

San Diego

I know, we said we would stay away from beachy here, and we are. Though everybody knows San Diego has beaches, but San Diego is romantic and, a heck of a lot of fun, because there are so many other things to see and do,  not just hang at the beach.  This is one of our favorite California haunts.

San Diego Hotel Deals

For more San Diego Information

Mountain Vacations

As much as I like finding warm weather locations for a romantic March vacation, nothing compares, in my opinion, like traveling to a great skiing resort for great spring skiing. Being able to shuck all the heavy clothing while gliding on a broad groomed run in the sun is perfect. And, then reclining on the deck with a beer basking in the sun with the aroma of food on the grills after a fantastic day. Priceless.

Spring Skiing Locations

Why spring ski? Aside from obviously better weather in many cases? Well...

  1. The days are longer.
  2. The prices are lower.
  3. The crowds are lighter.

The last one always confuses me, as this is the time I like best, and I can't understand people putting their skis away before May. But, I digress.

Early March is quite often one of the snowiest months in the western part of the continent. So the base is building. Bargains are everywhere. Except during spring break peaks.

Our recommendations for great spring skiing include:





  • Sun Valley


  • Big Sky - Away from it all, and it can stay cold here

New Mexico

  • Taos Ski Valley - A long season is possible because of high elevation, but it is kind of remote. The lack of visitors may mean an earlier closing with plenty of snow still on the ground.


  • Mount Bachelor, Bend, Oregon - Big mountain with great spring skiing, very popular destination for spring skiing
  • Mount Hood


  • Alta/Snowbird
  • Park City
  • Solitude

Other Possible March Vacations

So, let's say that none of things really appeal to you.  Maybe, a vacation in March means something totally different to you.  Not wanting to leave anyone out, we have come up with some additional ideas for you that might be a little different than what we have listed above.

  • If you are a college basketball fan then the first addition to our list of March vacation opportunities will come as no surprise.  March Madness is Nirvana for college basketball addicts.  Need to plan ahead for this one.
  • A truly fun experience in one of my favorite snow getaways is The Snow Festival of North Lake Tahoe & Truckee. Here you will find 10 days of fun-filled events for the whole family. Spring Skiing is at its peak.
  • Looking for a place to go that is warm and wild? Then check out SXSW in Austin, Texas.  Often called The Live Music Capital of the World. Austin is host to the South By Southwest Music Festival and Convention. Every night you can find live music on over 80 stages in downtown Austin. It's estimated that about 1,800 musical acts will be presented.

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