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How about lounging by the sea at a fabulous resort?

by Arnie Jacobsen, Editor

Updated: September 13, 2014

You must be one of the fortunate few that can jet off for a relaxing vacation in January. Right after the holidays and just before the next holiday is a great time to go. You are bound to avoid most of the crowds.

Trying to make a decision about where best to go can be a bit trying.

Let's face it, we tend to fall into two groups, don't we? Those that lust for warm and tropical beaches so that they can escape old man winter. For them, heading to warmer regions is the only possible answer.

But, there are also many who embrace the cold and love to take off to the many fabulous ski resorts available.

Which vacation in January is best for you?

Our list will give you a look at both possibilities. No matter, a hot time is surely in your future.

Escape from Old Man Winter on Your Vacation in January

I get it, you are tired of suffering through the bleak winter months, and long to dig your toes into the warm sand of a tropical beach paradise during your vacation in January.  You need to pack your boardshorts/bikini, and sunscreen and head for the sun.

I think you'll find that we can recommend a few really great warm weather destinations for your vacation in January that are sure to earn a top spot in your memory book.

     Package Deals for Great Winter Escape Destinations

Newest Destination Suggestion

St. Martin~St. Maarten January Vacation

Are you looking for a warm weather destination with brilliant white-sand beaches for your vacation in January?  How about we throw in a little something different to boot? How about a multicultural experience. At no added expense, of course.

St. Martin ~ St. Maarten is an island in the Caribbean that offers you just that!  This place will give you an experience quite unlike any other.  Fine food, great party scene, shopping, white beaches, tropical rain forests, amazing caves, and so much more.

The north side of the island is French speaking, and the south side is Dutch.  But, you needn't be alarmed if you speak neither as the official language is English on the Dutch side at least.  And, English is widely spoken everywhere.

A word about those beaches I mention earlier.  If you are bringing children, or if you are a little on the sensitive side when it comes to skin, choose the beaches carefully.  Clothing is merely a suggestion.

When to go, you ask? January is a great time to go.  Average temperatures in the low 80s. This is called the dry season and rainfall on average is about 2.0 inches for the month. And, you will have missed the possibilities of hurricanes as well.

Are you ready to go yet?

Check out these Special Offers for Your Visit to St Martin/St Maarten

Hotel Recommendations

Below you will find a few recommendations for great romantic hotel options:

Le Petit Hotel

As regular readers know, we absolutely love, and prefer small boutique hotels over the large mega resorts.  Why? Because, you get closer, more personal, experience.  Often, you get to know them as well as they get to know you.

It is impossible, when you speak of Le Petit Hotel, not to become over zealous with the use of superlatives.  It is that good!  Gracious, exceptional, exquisite, intimate, blissful, modern and comfortable.

Situated right on the beach in close proximity to many great restaurants, this 10 room hotel will pull you back to the island, and the hotel over and over again.  Managers Remy and Yamina will make you feel part of the family.

With the limited amount of space available to me here, I can not possibly do just to this fabulous place.  You will need to check it out and decide for yourself.

Find out more on Le Petit Hotel.

Bonne vacance, mes amis.

Oyster Bay Beach Resort

Look at the scene above!  Imagine you room on the edge with a view of the ocean or the marina! It's hard to conjure up a more exquisite setting.

This little slice of heaven offers a secluded getaway from the shopping and nightlife areas, yet is just a short drive away so that you can enjoy the action when you want and have peace too.

Find your serene getaway with white sand beaches to loll away the day, take in the breathtaking views offered from just about every angle, and take in the fullness of life offered here.

For more details on Oyster Bay Beach Hotel.

New Zealand January Vacations

New Zealand Alps photo courtesy Kay Adams

If you are looking for someplace new to go and visit then maybe your vacation in January should take you to New Zealand.  Famous photographer Trey Ratcliff moved here from Texas for a reason.  That reason is the incomparable beauty.

You will find here a country that offers one of the most diverse landscapes of in the world. All in a tiny little package that is relatively easy to see. From snow-covered mountain peaks to rich, lush forests, to fabulous beaches, New Zealand just might become your favorite vacation spot.  And, who knows, maybe you'll decide to move here, too.

For more on New Zealand Vacations including places to stay and things to do.

     Hotel Deals in New Zealand

Belize January Vacation

With temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 degrees in January, Belize is the perfect destination for escaping North America’s harsh winter conditions. When you arrive you'll find its Caribbean coastline, soft sandy beaches and coral reefs great for activities on or in the water at one of its luxurious beachfront resorts.

And, if you are looking for more inland adventures, investigate the lowland forests and Mayan Mountain peaks. Belize has no shortage of fabulous things to see and do.

Dominican Republic January Vacation

Ah.... Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. A little bit of paradise. January is one of the most pleasant times to enjoy a lovely temperate climate. During January in the Dominican Republic daily temperatures tend to vary from about 70 degrees F (21 Centigrade) to around 82 degrees F (27.8 Centigrade). Just about perfect wouldn't you say?

When looking for a beachside winter escape, fantastic soft-sand (like that found especially at Punta Cana) is at the top every persons list. This is easily one of the best beach vacations in January.

Now, keep in mind that winter is high season in the Caribbean. And, the Dominican Republic is a hot destination with new resorts popping up everywhere, offering lots of new romantic accommodations. One last thing to consider is that there are many hot deals, too. A stay at an all inclusive resort offering you a Dominican Republic - Punta Cana Vacation could cost you less than many of the other Caribbean Islands.

Key West January Vacation

We can't possibly overlook one of the most popular tropical locations in the U.S., Key West, Florida! This island oasis is most popular in January, so it is crowded and full of fun, but it also means you need to be planning ahead a bit. Key West has a subtropical climate, with an annual daily average temperature of 78 degrees, and dry winter seasons. Winters are pleasant and warm with clear skies.

Staying in Key West is varied. From little to large, your choice is as varied as the Key West lifestyles. Your fabulous Key West vacation may be at one of the all inclusive resorts on the island, like:

Embrace Winter Destinations

Snowboarding in Norway
Photo courtesy of Trysil

For those among us that love the snow and being outdoors in it, there is nothing better than a trip to a world class ski resort. Imagine finding yourself at the top of a run looking out over a majestic sun drenched mountain with freshly groomed runs.

Or, sitting out on the deck at the lodge with the aroma of barbecue wafting through the air. Then again maybe relaxing in front of a flickering fireplace, eating elegant meals by candlelight, taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride, enjoying a couples spa treatment and sharing beautiful mountain vistas with your significant other really appeals to you. Welcome to a fabulous winter vacation!

Ski Package Deals to Embrace Winter

Whistler Blackcomb, CAN

Whistler/Blackcomb Mt. - At the top of many peoples short list of ski resorts that are an absolute must visit, this resort was recently named to the top spot on Skiing magazine’s best North American resorts list.  It is a huge place with over 200 runs, and the village is world renown for its atmosphere.

Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte, Colorado - This is considered by many the "anti-resort" as it has worked hard to try and avoid the glitz that surrounds many of the bigger, flashier resorts.
According to Skisnowboard Magazine, "Funky, laid-back and friendly are oft-heard descriptions of the Crested

Butte experience. Award-winning wine bars mingle with cook-your-own hot dog stands. Five-star lodging overlooks local hangout shacks in the woods.

The apres-ski scene is rich at the resort's base, especially in spring, when lounging is best on the numerous large, sunny decks. Just down the road, the National Historic District of the town of Crested Butte bursts with charm and authentic Wild West." Simply a great place for a ski vacation in January.

Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley, Idaho - We would be remiss if we left out what is the oldest and possibly grandest of the North American ski resorts. Built in 1936, Sun Valley "exudes restrained elegance with the traditional Sun Valley Lodge, village, steeple, horse-drawn sleighs and steaming pools. Sun Valley does low-key with perfection".

Sun Valley was, and still is, where the stars would come out and play in the winter for a great vacation in January.  The mountain and the town of Ketchum at its feet have a history and an atmosphere like no other.

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